Forget the coffee shop, I have a darkroom…

The coffee shop, the coffee, or the writing of this post did not happen at all yesterday.  Everything happens for a reason though and today I found a more inspiring place to write; outside of the darkroom while waiting for my cyanotype to expose.

For me the darkroom is where I feel closest to God and most at peace with myself. The soft red light, the smell of the chemicals, having to rely on your instinct, and the soft hum of the vents as you patiently work threw the process of creating a photograph is indescribable. I am a different person in the darkroom, a person that doesn’t feel rushed or inpatient. I don’t get disheartened when I have to reprint an image for a third time or when the new skill I am trying to apply doesn’t work out perfectly the first time around. Being in the darkroom is why I want to be a photographer.

Currently I am working on cyanotypes. For those of you familiar with the cyanotype process that are fidgeting in their seat at what seems to be foolishness for trying to expose a cyanotype in a darkroom, relax. I am using a UV light-box in there. For those of you not familiar with cyanotypes; it is a printing process as old as photography itself that uses UV light to expose an image resulting in beautiful Persian blue tones. The finished cyanotypes often have a dreamy softness too them.

The series of images that I am working on is focusing on the expression of hands. To start I have gone through all the images taken at my recent wedding and have chosen images that captured a special part of that day. I then cropped the image to focus on the hands. My mother-in-law’s hands sewing me into my wedding dress, my hand tucked in to my dad’s arm as he walked me down the aisle, my hand putting my husbands wedding ring on to his finger. Those fragments are what I remember as I look back on a day so important to me.

I want to keep the images small, intimate enough to fit in your hand and I want to continue to use the cyanotype process. The series may expand to other events in my life or it may just stay focused around this one event. It is still very much in its infancy. It’s just great to be working on something so inspiring.



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2 thoughts on “Forget the coffee shop, I have a darkroom…

  1. kathy says:

    I love to read. Well just your posts that I love that you are enjoying what you do. When you find something that makes you that happy, don’t let go. Enjoy the ride. That is hard to find.
    Being at peace with yourself and being close to God is Awesome. When at a place where patience is necessary like in a dark room, you can’t speed up the process. You have to just sit and wait. With that being said, that dark room makes you leave all control outside the doors. When we don’t have control and have to sit back, it allows us to allow God to take control and we feel at peace. It is a great place to be. I can remember that feeling when I realized i couldn’t control that situation and God made me feel at peace. Its that control thing that I still need to work It’s great that the dark room gives that. I love it. I love what you are working on and the pics that you have chosen. I can’t wait to see them. I do love your work, not just because I am your mother and have too, but because you do Great work.
    Love ya,

  2. Mike Albon says:

    hey where can i see the hands project? sounds cool…

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