Doodle Loodle the Snickerpoodle…

Work, work, and more work. I found out this week that my deadline for my children’s book is actually in 4 weeks and not 5. Not the best news ever since I would love more time to develop the characters and the story line and really just drag it out as long as possible so that it never actually gets done. I do better with tight deadlines, I just don’t always like to admit it.

The story line has changed drastically. It is now just a collection of short stories about Doodle Loodle the Snickerpoodle, a loveable 6 year old monster that lives in Thingamapig. In one of the completed stories Doodle gets lost when following a spoonfly. It’s a lot of fun.

I was glad to finally give a life to the books main character. It is hard to draw a monster that doesn’t look like anything that has ever been drawn before. I also wanted the monster to look huggable. After doing some damage to my sketchbook I finally made a list of the words that could be used to describe Doodle.  Then I started to look at cartoon animals and picked individual qualities that I liked about them. I mixed them all together to create a Snickerpoodle I am very proud of. I am now in the process of bringing Doodle’s friends, Wink Mink the Hoodfink, Bee Glee the Honeyflee. and Berry Fairy the Goosetairy to life.


It’s keeping me busy and its hard to have a bad day when you are being goofy. Hopefully even after this first book is done I continue to write silly little stories about Doodle.



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