…and why you don’t try to build stuff while your appendix is simultaneously trying to explode.

I wasn’t aware at the time that my appendix was trying to explode, I just thought I was coming down with the flu. So I was trying to get work done before it completely took me out and went to go cut the miters for the miter box project due in two days. I realized after I glued up all my pieces a few days ago that something was not right. Then I remembered that I never made sure that I was starting with flat boards when I made my cuts, an essential step in getting clean joints. Luckily the box is not completely awful and I am a huge fan of the knot hole that perfectly fits a thumb to lift out the lid. The most important thing is that I learned a lesson, a lesson that will probably take a few more times of learning before it will get through the thick skull of mine.

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