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Today in the studio…

One of the first real pieces of equipment I got for the shop was this small Delta Bench Top Bandsaw. We bought it from a retired doll house maker and it’s purchase made me feel like we were on our way to setting up a real shop. Took a little bit to get the right blades and even longer to figure out how to properly put a new blade on. I had never done it before and was intimidated by handling something that could cut me. Watching a handful of unhelpful tutorials online I replaced the old blade but was having issues with getting a straight cut. 

Finally, today I was able to sit down infront of this little miniature cutie and find a video that beautifully illustrated what it looks like to have a properly seated blade as well as how to adjust your bandsaw if the blade was not staying in it’s proper seat. So if vague terms like ‘just get it on there’ or ‘pop that sucker in’ or ‘just set that blade in there’ without ever showing you the properly postioned blade before slamming the bandsaw door shut hasn’t cleared it up for you then this is a video for you, my friend. 

How To: Bandsaw Tracking & Coplaner Adjustments 

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